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While perusing my email today I came across one of Chuck Wendig’s blog posts. His blog is terriblemiinds, and I’ll eventually figure out how to link to his blog via my blog. If you plug the name of his blog into Google, you’ll easily find his site.

The post I read is, Yes, Virginia, You Can Be A Paid Writer, Too. The entire post is worth reading, but one particular Wendigism slammed me in the chest like a basketball at close range. Here it is:

“It’s worth noting that your attitude through all this is very important. Writer’s block doesn’t exist, but general malaise and depression and disinterest do, and those must be combated.” -Chuck Wendig

As writers, we find ourselves drawn to the best of the best, and we learn from these penmonkeys (a Wendigism) as we compare ourselves, our styles and our accomplishments, to the writer we’re orbiting and drawing inspiration from. Sometimes, the comparison leaves us feeling as competent as a quadriplegic at a cup-stacking meet.

His writing is concise, informative, inspiring, intriguing, all that and more. My writing is Sad Sack shit that shouldn’t be left on a bathroom stall.

At those times we must remember what Chuck said about combating those demons:┬ámalaise, depression and disinterest. We must assume that Chuck hasn’t always been the proficient writer he is today. Once upon a time he stood in our shoes. He’s familiar with the whispers coming from the closeted realms of the mind. He fought the demons, and he won.

We can be winners too. We must believe that. We must fight. The only path to victory requires us to write our asses off, write our fingers to the bone, pour our words onto the page, send them into the world, and hope they succeed.